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August 28, 2011

Gum Disease and Bad Breath-Crystal Lake dentist

Dr. Neal Crystal Lake Dental Associates

Gum disease is a common cause of bad breath or Halitosis.

The bacteria in your mouth combine with food and saliva to form a substance called plaque. This plaque gives off many by products including foul smelling sulfur containing compounds.  Minerals in saliva can build up in this plaque to change it from soft to very hard. This hard plaque is called calculus or tarter. While you can remove plaque with normal brushing and flossing, calculus will continue to build up on teeth.

Calculus forming in gum disease and causing bad breath

George’s Bad Breath  Story

George is in sales and is in front of people all day long. He has avoided the dentist for many years. George knows that his breath has gotten very bad. He has tried mouthwash and  brushing, but it does not help his breath. When I met George, he did not need to tell me he had a breath problem as I could smell it when he walked into the room. He said he had avoided the dentist for years, but now was concerned. I was pretty sure he had gum disease by the smell, and told him that I needed to take a look. After a look at George’s mouth, I told him that he did have gum disease and a significant buildup of tarter. In addition, George had loose teeth and receding gums. I told George that I needed to do a complete exam to decide how I could help him.

George’s treatment for Gum Disease

After a full examination, and records, I was able to give George a treatment plan. It consisted of full mouth laser gum treatment, splinting of loose teeth, a bite adjustment and a mouth guard to wear at night. George agreed to the treatment and we went ahead. In just a few visits we had completed the treatment. George immediately noticed that his breath was normal. He recovered quickly and was quite happy with the result. I warned George that he needed to continue regular visits for cleanings and maintenance to prevent recurrence of the gum disease and bad breath.


This is a true story with a few personal facts changed to protect my patient’s identity.


I love helping people overcome their problems

Phillip C. Neal DDS answers all of your questions about tooth whitening at Crystal Lake Dental Associates.

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Phillip C. Neal DDS

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